WHOEVER ANSWERS FIRST GETS BRAINLIEST!!!!Which statements are true regarding the sequence below? Check all that apply.A: The domain is a set of natural numbersB: The range is a set of natural numbersC: The recursive formula representing the sequence is f(x + 1) = 3/2(f(x )) when f(1) = 4. D: An explicit formula representing the sequence isf(x) = 4 (3/2)^xE: The sequence shows exponential growth.

Accepted Solution

Answer:A, C and E are true.Step-by-step explanation:The domain is a set of natural numbers.The recursive formula is correct:When x = 1, f(x) = 4 and f(x + 1) = f(2) = 3/2 f(x) = 3/2 * 4 = 6.It is also true for the other points on the graph. D is  incorrect.E is correct exponential growth with the formula  4(3/2)^(x-1).