Neal buys a board game. He pays for the board game and pays \$1.54$1.54dollar sign, 1, point, 54 in sales tax. The sales tax rate is 5.5\%5.5%5, point, 5, percent. What is the original price of the board game, before tax?

Accepted Solution

Let us say the original price of game = $xNow tax paid = $1.54% of tax = 5.5%Now we can say that 5.5 % of x is equal to 1.54, since tax paid is $1.54.let us write an equation for it ,[tex] (5.5/100) * x =1.54 [/tex] [tex] 0.055 * x =1.54 [/tex]dividing both sides by 0.055,x= 28Answer: original price of the board game before tax was $28.