After a busy day of orders, a florist has 6 roses, 7 lilies, 3 carnations, 35 chrysanthemums, 27 sunflowers, 18 violets, and 9 tulips left in her inventory. parta.write a ratio that compares the number of roses to the number of violets. partb.describe what three other comparisons have the same ratio. partc.provide reasoning why more than one comparison can be made with the same ratio.

Accepted Solution


lets do this problem like so:

A;  6:18 = 1:3

B;  lilies to chrysanthemums= 1:3 violets to roses= 1:3 tulips to sunflowers= 1:3

C;  There are still other ways to make the same comparison, by using equal ratios. To find an equal ratio, you can either multiply or divide each term in the ratio by the same number (but not zero). For example, if we divide both terms in the ratio 6:12 by the number six, then we get the equal ratio, 1:2.
however, if you divide 6:12 by 2 or three, you get an equal ratio, but not a simplified ratio.

I hope this helps, and have a nice day!