African Americans in a St. Louis suburb sued the city claiming they were discriminated against in schoolteacher hiring. Of the city's population, 5.7% were African American; of 405 teachers in the school system, 15 were African American. Set up appropriate hypotheses and determine whether African Americans are underrepresented.

Accepted Solution

Answer:Yes, they are being underrepresented.Step-by-step explanation:Hello, great question. These types are questions are the beginning steps for learning more advanced Algebraic Equations.The Population of African Americans in St. Louis suburbs 5.7% . Therefore we can assume that the school system should have about 5.7% of their teachers being African Americans. Since we are given the amount of total teachers and the amount of African American teachers in the school, we can calculate the percent of African American teachers by using a simple Rule of Three property (demonstrated in the picture below). 405 Total teachers Β  β‡’ Β  100% 15 African American Β  β‡’ Β  x[tex]\frac{15*100}{405} = x[/tex][tex]3.7% = x[/tex]We can see that approximately 3.7% of the School Teachers are African Americans, So we can say they are being underrepresented.I hope this answered your question. If you have any more questions feel free to ask away at Brainly.